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Re: blends linked from the main debian page

Although Debian blends coincide with the quantization level I foresaw
for Debian sub-projects to be mentioned on the main page, it does not need
to be a blend.  E.g. the NeuroDebian -- we contribute to both
DebianScience and DebianMed, but I think it is worth pointing to
NeuroDebian as a separate entity (Debian sub-project) ;-)

So, ideally, it should target Debian sub-projects for targeted audience.
Moreover we might end up pointing to not centralized projects (if no
team or blend exists) but rather to some stub pages describing the
power of Debian for a specific field of endeavor.

The question would be though -- what sub-projects (including blends) are
worth appearing on the main page one way or another (e.g. embedded in
the sky map)?  clearly the first requirement must be that they
must be alive ;)

On Mon, 11 Apr 2011, Andreas Tille wrote:

> As you can probably assume I'm in favour of making Blends more popular
> and thus I in principle support the idea to make them visible on the
> main Debian page.

> However, my concern is of a bit different nature than yours (web page
> design).  The problem we have is that while three Blends are working
> nicely and fully adopted the idea (namely Debian Edu, Debian Med and
> Debian Science) and people are actively working with the existing tools
> as well as having understood the idea we have currently projects which I
> would call "potential" Blends.  There are for instance Debian Jr
> (actually the first Blend) which is orphaned - my regular pings at
> relevant places were not answered by anybody and currently the only sign
> of Debian Jr is SPAM on its mailing list.  (Well, OK, I updated the
> metapackages if needed - but that's no project work.)

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