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Re: Reminder: Debian FTPMaster meeting

Hi Jörg,

On Wed, 16 Mar 2011, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Compared to my last post about this meeting, we did rework our agenda a
> little bit, so it currently reads like the stuff I paste below. We
> guarantee nothing from it, but we try to at least have a few short words
> about each. Well, a report after the meeting might tell you more what we
> got from it. :)

I saw you included most points raised but nothing about XZ support (even
though it's a relatively small item in term of work compared to the rest).
I had raised it here:

Did you miss it or was this a deliberate omission?

There have been quite a bit of discussion after my mail but the discussion
showed that there are reasonable defaults compression level with XZ
that do not need unreasonable amounts of memory (9Mb only for
decompression with level 6). Thus I believe it's perfectly reasonable to
go ahead and allow XZ in the archive.

I believe it's important so that we can have more useful CD1 or DVD1 by
packing in there more software referenced by the tasks. Even DVD1 is no
longer enough to have all tasks...
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