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Reminder: Debian FTPMaster meeting


just a short reminder, next week is the FTPMaster meeting. That means,
limited service from the archive during that week, something along one
install run a day only (except we break too much, then none, but we try
not to :) ).

I'll keep you people updated during the meeting, most probably again
using my blog, so make sure to read that (or Planet Debian :) ) if you
want to know what we are up to.

Compared to my last post about this meeting, we did rework our agenda a
little bit, so it currently reads like the stuff I paste below. We
guarantee nothing from it, but we try to at least have a few short words
about each. Well, a report after the meeting might tell you more what we
got from it. :)

Now, for it:

High Priority

Architectural / upgrade issues

pg9.0 fun
dak for squeeze (python 2.6, sqlalchemy 0.6, python-apt 0.7.100)
switch to use release codenames primarily, not testing/unstable/foo (if
not done at release time)
explain the idea behind class ORMObject and friends
remote interfaces: ORMObject has a json() method for easier debugging
but might that be a first step to provide a (maybe readonly) REST
interface to dak in the future?
we want SQLAlchemy 0.7, see bug #613410

"Dazed, confused and sure as heck not continuing." with missing orig
tarballs. For some more context let ganneff grep his irclog for context
at 09.02.2011  22:01:23
make control-suite location and version constraint aware; i.e. stop it
breaking the archive if used inadvisedly (but provide a --force flag)
fix up build queue handling so security stuff works properly
generate-packages-sources should notice errors and stop dinstall instead
of pushing broken mirrors (though, a fix in mirror function makes this smaller)

New features
buildd autosigning
packages generation - no more apt-ftparchive :) (needs lots of db stuff)
throwaway DD build .debs (well, let's have the fight^Wdiscussion)
Built-Using infrastructure (for kernel udebs and so on)
multi-arch implementation, see http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/02/msg00504.html
ddebs, see Joss's email to -devel and http://wiki.debian.org/AutomaticDebugPackages

Archive maint. issues
get rid of hurd (or discuss this)

Medium Priority

mkmaintainers/uploaders is dog slow. (seems only uploaders is really slow)

New features
get rid of md5sum and one of the two shasums in packages files
database "acl" set, ie. ability to merge security into main archive, but
not have everyone see everything... (discussion is high priority,
implementation medium/low)
apropos the above, centralise dak's email handling / sending so it's
easier to override (i.e. even from shell scripts use a dak wrapper for
leaf packages. that is, the possibility of having small packages in the
archive, without bloating the packages files as a "full package"
would. somehow, less information stored for them. like only "Package",
"Installed-Size", "Version", "FileName", "Size", "Sha1Sum" and one new
"mainpackage:" which is simply the package name of the "full
package". maybe a one-line description entry, but thats it.  Tools like
apt then take all the other missing information, including the long
desc, from the mainpackage, and voila we get the possibility to have
something like foo-config-blabla and foo-config-blubber without much
bloat. (this will need design work done now but we won't be able to use
it before wheezy+1 as far as I can see; MH) yeah well.
test infrastructure including database, email, ldap, filesystem,
... (yay, rebuilding flotow, great)
dak generate-releases can easily be multithreaded (per suite)
get dak packaged and easier to get started with

Archive maint. issues
discuss / handle problematic packages in NEW (oh gosh, which ones this

Low Priority

New features
script point releases more. copy/paste from docs/README.stablefoo works,
but script is nicer.
dinstall replacement (from bash off to python)
merge the archives codes even more, maybe end up with only one config/
directory, not one per archive (muah, fun)
reduce the config file even more - more in the database
integrate smart upload server (SUS)
dm for bpo/security

Archive maint. issues
discuss long term Java plans (code duplication detector, Maven repo)
decruft old packages from stable-security and testing-security

bye, Joerg
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