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dep5 appendix wording

Hi All;

Liw suggested I direct this comment on DEP5 to this list.

In the appendix of the DEP5 candidate, it is written: 

| The Debian Policy (§12.5) demands that each package is accompanied by a
| file, debian/copyright in source packages and
| /usr/share/doc/package/copyright in binary packages, that contains a
| verbatim copy of its copyright and distribution license. In addition, it
| requires that copyrights must be extractable by mechanical means.

In the context of DEP-5, I read that last sentence as suggesting that
machine interpretable copyright files are mandated by policy.  I would
suggest s/copyrights/copyright files/ to prevent others being confused
by this.  Probably something similar should be done to policy 12.5,
where the wording was borrowed from, since "copyrights" alone is
ambigious there as well.


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