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Re: Report from this years CeBIT

On 08/03/11 13:38, Charles Plessy wrote:
To my knowledge, there is is no direct equivalent of Mendeley in Debian,
although for the integation with Open… LibreOffice, we have Bibus that does a
good job. But it is a local application. The packaging of Zotero (ITP #504058)
will certainly please Mendeley users, as there seems to be a good
complementarity between them.

Hi, Charles.

Well, there is Gnome "referencer", which I used before switching to Mendeley. Both are used to manage collections of downloaded pdf's, not just citations/bibliographies. The most important difference is that although "Mendeley Desktop" can be used as a stand-alone application it can also be used to sync your references to/from the Mendeley website where people share their bibliographies. Mendeley make their money by charging for online storage, but they give a generous free allowance.



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