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Re: [DEP5] Asking for common wisdom on new field(s): References*

On ke, 2010-11-24 at 13:39 -0500, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> Dear DEP5 Committee ;)
> In the light of previous discussions [1] and the presentation of our little
> effort at debconf10 [2, 3 for PDF], and now following your recommendation
> I am RFCing for References* fields to be used in DEP5-formatted copyright
> files.  I foresee use of following fields:

I am afraid I am not convinced by this proposal. In addition to the
upstream-metadata.yaml suggested later in the thread, I'd like to raise
the following points:

      * I don't think bibliographic references to upstream (or papers
        describing them) belong in debian/copyright, unless the upstream
        copyright requires them to be there.
      * Inventing new fields for entirely new things this late in the
        DEP5 process is a bit unfortunate. I would like to see DEP5
        pushed out of the door and finalized soon. It would seem to me
        be better to do that, and then discuss the references stuff
        separately, later.

Sorry to be so negative on your proposal. A generic
upstream-meatdata.yaml sounds to me like the best solution for sorts of
things. Some day in the future I would like too see as much
non-copyright information as possible moved out from debian/copyright to
upstream-metadata.yaml, but that, too, will be a separate discussion.

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