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Re: Please draft a policy for planet.debian.org

(Dropped planet@ and leader@, who are probably not intrested in this

On to, 2010-11-11 at 20:06 -0500, Kevin Mark wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 05:03:38PM +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> > * Tshepang Lekhonkhobe <tshepang@gmail.com> [2010-11-11 16:14:37 CET]:
> <snippage> 
> >  What one does on their own blog is their own thing, what one pushes
> > explicitly to planet.debian is a different area.
> > 
> >  Just my thoughts,
> > Rhonda
> <snippage>
> So, at the moment, there are blogs with some content relating to donations that
> are on planet. Lars says that these posts might lead to a change in the focus
> wrt which packages are developed or motivation in the project.

I may not have been as clear as I intended, so allow me a small
clarification: I was specifically objecting to involving the Debian
project in anything that has to do with money being collected and given
to individuals. This was triggered by the suggestion that we put Flattr
buttons on packages.debian.org pages.

I'm fine with people going out and finding people who pay them to do
Debian stuff. I've done paid Debian work myself. But don't get Debian
itself involved in that, or much vigorous discussion will happen.

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