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Re: Please draft a policy for planet.debian.org


(I'm hertzog@d.o and not buxy@d.o)

On Thu, 11 Nov 2010, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> What Can I Post On Planet?


>  - Be very careful including material from external sites (ie, not your
>    own blog/domain). The occasional picture from elsewhere is fine, but
>    anything that can be (or is) used to track reader's behavior
>    (commonly called webbugs[2]) is considered bad and grounds for
>    exclusion from Planet. If you regularly need external content,
>    consider providing that from your own site.

This is not in the current policy. I understand and accept that you might
decide to not want them on planet.debian.org but then I believe you should
filter them on the planet side.

I think I have the right to have them in my RSS feed and planet should not
be a tool to impose any point of view about the topic of privacy on Debian
contributors. We have agreed to build free software together, not to fight
against privacy issues in personal blogs of individual developers.

They are not too difficult to identify: strip 1x1 images hosted on another
domain than the blog article, and images from the major offenders
(http://feeds.feedburner.com in my case). Russ said that 4 domains cover
95% of the cases.

Note that many blogs hosted on wordpress.com have webbugs as well and I
don't know if they can disable them.

FYI, I changed my footer to not include the Flattr image and the social
button instead I've put a textual link. I will continue to use feedburner

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