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Re: What is annoying in the flattr buttons?

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 23:22, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)
<jonathan@ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Hi Raphael
> On 10/11/2010 14:45, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>> On Mon, 08 Nov 2010, Holger Levsen wrote:
>>> since a while, we see unsolicted commercial links and images on planet, mostly
>>> about flattr.
>> So it's now clear that this thread is only about flattr buttons. Quite a few
>> people explained that they are (at varying level) annoyed by them. I would
>> like to know _why_ those buttons annoy them.
>> To get a clear feedback I'd like to setup a poll (with selectricity.org)
>> so that people who have chosen to put those buttons can decide what to do
>> (or not).
>> It's going to be a condorcet-based poll where you have to rank the
>> following statements: I'm annoyed by Flattr buttons because
>>  * The picture catches the attention too much in a post which contains
>>    only text.
>>  * The picture allows Flattr to gather statistics about me.
>>  * Debian contributors should not make money from posts syndicated on
>>    planet.
>>  * I believe Flattr is a bad micro-donation system and it should not be
>>    promoted.
>>  * The button indirectly promotes a service run by a private company
>>    unrelated to Debian.
> <snip>
>> Are those sentences correctly representing your concerns? Are there other
>> concerns to add?
> I'm not a Debian Developer, but I'm an avid follower of Planet Debian (I
> read *everything*) and the Debian Project itself.
> I think all of the above reasons are valid reasons to be annoyed by the
> flattr icons. I'd add that some posters might in some way try to 'guilt'
> readers into flattr'ing them, as in "I went through all this effort in
> writing this post and I need money badly so you should really click on
> my flattr button!". There are many more subtle versions of that, but for
> me personally I find that one of the most annoying things about it.

I am so grateful for FLOSS that I happily joined flattr, since it was
such a great way to express thanks, and thanks to Raphael for that. I
can't wait for more FLOSS workers to embrace it.

Anyways, you should not complain when someone asks you to give them
money, even if it results in you feeling guilty for not complying. Why
not just ignore it like you ignore all those beggars on the road (EG,
block Raphael's feed). I OTOH am glad when someone asks for it. It
encourages me to give, and I admire someone who fights against the
shame normally associated with asking for money, and BTW minimum
amount flattr requires you to give per month is a mere 8 euros
anyways. Come on!

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