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Re: non-uploading Debian New Maintainer process

On Mon, Nov 08, 2010 at 01:01:38PM +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

> > 4. Is it correct that now, the DNM process takes one year ?
> > (See Applicants in Process on https://nm.debian.org/)
>  It always did depend and always will depend on the individual applying,
> what they have done and how well they are prepared for the process. Also
> it is a sign of still too less AMs.

I should also add that the "Applicants in Process" page does not show
all those applicants that got through in a month or less: by its very
nature (it shows applicants in process, not applicants processed) if one
looks at that page one would mainly see those applications that get
stuck on something for a reason or another.

That is to say, that page is in no way representative of the average
experience with the NM process.

> > And they will advocate others to become non-uploading DD's  :)
>  How would a non-uploading DD advocate someone for getting uploading
> rights? This is the only part of your mail that actually stirred some
> thoughts in me.

Advocacies are now reviewed by Front Desk before being accepted.
If a non-uploading DD advocates somebody for having upload rights we'll
just, as usual, read it and see if we should ask for more information or
more advocates before assigning to an AM.

Likely it will be the case, but the world being crazy and unpredictable,
I wouldn't be surprised if some rare case happened when it will be
perfectly clear that that won't be needed.



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