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non-uploading Debian New Maintainer process

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I think it is a good thing that the DNM process for non-uploading DD can
start now. :)
The way it is done now is perfect for the people who will apply in the
next few months :
it is working. :)

I will explain more clearly what I have tried to say on the two previous
I will also had some new things.
I hope it is the good place and the good time to have this discussion.

- ---------------
    DD : Debian Developper
    DM : Debian Maintainer
    DNM : Debian new maintainer
    NMA : New Maintainer applicant (someone who wants to become a DD)
    UNMA: uploading NMA (NMA with uploading rights)
    non-UNMA : Non-Uploading NMA (NMA without uploading rights)
    AM : applicant Manager

I have some questions :
- ------------------------
1. Is it possible to create a user group named for exemple "restricted"
on the servers (say wiki or www)
and allow a specific DM to have access to this user group ?

2. Would it be a lot of work for the DM team
if non-UNMA where added to the DM keyring ?

3. How long do you think a non-UNMA should stay in the NM process ?

4. Is it correct that now, the DNM process takes one year ?
(See Applicants in Process on https://nm.debian.org/)

5. What has an advocate to do to "check the application" of someone ?

abstract :
- -----------
A DM-like status should exist for non-UNMA.
A non-UNMA shouldn't wait to much time in the DNM process but could wait
a long time in a DM-like status.

It should be easy for a non-uploading DD or a non-UNMA to have the
rights that DM have now.

At some stage an UNMA could have "non-uploading DD" rights.

    > in http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2010/11/msg00000.html
    > (the Guidelines for applying as non-uploading DD),
    > I understand that the process is the same for uploading and
    > non-uploading DD

Debian Maintainer part of the Debian New Maintainer process

on terminologie
- ----------------
   > in jully there was an interesting discussion on terminology.
   > http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2010/07/msg00010.html
   > I think that the name could change.
   > replace "Debian Maintainer" by "Debian Appliant" or "Debian
   > replace "Debian Developper" by "Debian Member"
   > replace "New maintainer process" by some other thing.

about DM
- ------------
I think it is a good thing that DM is part of the DNM process for an
uploading DD.
Because they have restricted rights they wouldn't have otherwise.
It eases the work of the AM and the front desk. The UNMA spend less time
in the DNM process.

I think the DM status was created because there were some people in the
DNM process
that have applied without having contributed enough in Debian.
Their application to the DNM were canceled.

I think this can happen again with non uploading DD.

You could give more rights on a specific server to a specific non
uploading Debian contributor.
for exemple rights to work on  immutable pages of the wiki,
help the transition work when a new wiki version is used ...
(To speek only of the wiki)

So more people could do more work on a sub-project without being a full DD.

That's why an non-uploading DM status should exist.

about non-Uploading DNM process
- ---------------------------------------------------
A non-UNMA as to wait for
    >   * an Application Manager's assignment
    >   * an AM report
    >   * Front Desk approval
    >   * DAM approval
    >   * the creation of the account

To obtain a DM status is less work for the Front Desk and the DAM.
And it will be a first step to any contributor who wants or needs more
a DD advocating someone to become a DM would mean :
"Listen every body, I think this guy has done a great job !"
It is not enough to make him a DD, but it is nice for the contributor to
know it.
It will be good to Debian because now it also means we have to start the
full DNM process.
It would not be the case any more. So less chances a DNM apllication get
It wouldn't be black & white : You are or you are not a DD.

Rights given to DM
- ---------------------
I think that every DM or "Debian appliant" should have :
  * restricted DD rights on their field of work (a package, a server ...)
  * an alioth account
  * access to qa tools (like qa.debian.org if it can be extended to non
packaging information)
  * access to every thing in debian that have no security issues.

It should be easy for a non-UNMA to maintain or co-maintain an easy package.

Non uploading DD part of the Debian New Maintainer process
it seems natural that the process to become a non-uploading DD should be
quicker than to become an uploading DD.
For the same amount of work, an UNMA should have the same rights as
non-UNMA and as quickly.
Some UNMA should become a non-uploading DD (with the Front Desk
before having all the knowledged required to be  a DD
I think there are people who have been DM for some years. It is
understandable : DM can do a lot of things.
Perhaps some of them deserve to have non-uploading DD rights.
I think it is worth a discussion among DD's.

Proposal for the new Process
- -------------------------------
I think before applying to the uploading New Maintainer process you
should go threw this process :

0. you contribute to Debian until one (or more) DD advocate you to
become a "Debian Applicant". (it can take a few months or a few years)
  * you have to find some DD's to sign you a GPG key.

1. you should become a "Debian Applicant" (it should take a few weeks)
that is the same as DM but your advocate should precise if you should
have uploading right or not.

2. after six months being a DM you should have
  * an advocate (or more) for Non-Uploading DD-rights. (it can also take
a few more months or years)
So you can enter the non-uploading DNM process which would consists of
  * Front Desk evaluation of the previous contributon.
  * a non-uploading Applicant Manager assignation
  * a Philosophy and Procedures knowledge verification
  * a non-Uploading Tasks and Skills verification
  * the Applicant Manager approbation
  * the Front Desk approbation

2. after six months being a non-uploading DD  you should have
  * an advocate (or more) for Uploading DD rights. (it can also take a
few more months or years)
So you can enter the uploading DNM process which would consists of
  * an Application Manager assignation
  * Uploading Tasks and Skills knowledge verification
  * the Applicant Manager approbation
  * the Front Desk approbation

This way non-UNMA shouldn't stay too long in the DNM process.
The last part of the UNMA process would be shorter than the full DNM

It is just a suggestion.
I hope this time I have been clear enough.
The non-uploading DD status will attract new people to Debian.
The project has to make it clear that the process to become a DD will
take a lot of work.
To give the "right" to a DD to aknowledge the work done by a contributor
would be great.
For me, the most important thing is that contributors can now become
non-uploading DD's.
And they will advocate others to become non-uploading DD's  :)


Henri Le Foll
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