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Re: d-d-a (and/or d-announce) on planet.debian.org


Am 05.11.2010 13:57, schrieb Mehdi Dogguy:

> Some people may think that this is bad since d-d-a is about only *devel*
> going on in Debian and that interested persons should be subscribed, but
> advertising those mails on planet could attract new readers (and maybe new
> contributors).
> I suggest to have a look at d-d-a's archive and think about those mails on
> planet.
> What do you think?

I have nothing against having debian-announce (or even debian-news) on
planet (but assume that would first need to have an RSS feed for
debian-announces available).  However, I would like to see d-d-a synced
on planet.

While it is true that much stuff send to d-d-a is also interesting for
non-DDs, often the stuff is also interesting for a broader audience and
press people.  As already explained I would rather see DDs thinking
about contacting the publicity / press team before posting these things
to d-d-a, to avoid journalists and other folks picking stuff from d-d-a,
instead of a proper announcement.

Best regards,

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