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on terminology

in jully there was an interesting discussion on terminology.


I think that the name could change.

replace "Debian Maintainer" by "Debian Appliant" or "Debian Contributor"

replace "Debian Developper" by "Debian Member"

replace "New maintainer process" by some other thing.

Say that every one who want to get involve in Debian should find a
"Debian Member" to advocate him to become a "Debian Appliant"
(it can take a few monthes)

a "Debian Member" with uploading rights can allow a "Debian Appliant" or
a "non uploading Debian Member" to upload a specific package.

after a few monthes, "Debian Members" can advocate a "Debian Appliant"
to become a "Debian Member"
and it can take a few monthes

I just say it can be the same steps for every one.

I want to know if it will be a lot of work for the appliant team to
maintain the key-ring

Henri Le Foll

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