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Re: non-uploading DM


* Henri Le Foll <debian@lefoll.eu> [2010-11-03 21:31:51 CET]:
> It was just to suggest that every DD should go the same way.
> To say that the decision to become a non-uploading DD should take some time

 The decision definitely will take some time, I highly doubt that the
frontdesk will accept non-uploading DDs who just started to get involved
with Debian last week. See my mail to debian-newmaint about an example
of how long some people have been working for Debian without having the
chance to properly raise their voice and opinion in the project.

 A non-uploading DM state doesn't make any sense, and like said, I
highly doubt that the frontdesk would accept people that just got
involved recently without proper contribution trail.

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