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Re: non-uploading DM


* Henri Le Foll <debian@lefoll.eu> [2010-11-03 21:15:02 CET]:
> in http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2010/11/msg00000.html
> (the Guidelines for applying as non-uploading DD),
> I understand that the process is the same for uploading and
> non-uploading DM.

 Uh? Where did you pick up about non-uploading DMs? What would
non-uploading DMs be anyway? The guidelines speak about non-uploading
DDs, there are no non-uploading DMs because that doesn't make any sense.
The DM role is for upload-rights of a well defined set of packages only -
such a permission set doesn't make any sense for non-uploading DDs.

 Hope this clears some confusion. :)
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