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Re: DEP5 parser is available in Debians/Sid

Le mercredi 22 septembre 2010 18:23:39, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
> >Configuration item 'Debian::Dep5 License id' has a wrong value:
> >        Unexpected key 'PGL-1'. Key must match ^(?i:Apache|Artistic|BSD|
> >DDL|
> >Software|ZLIB|Zope|other)[\d\.\-]*\+?$
> Hmm - I believe you are being too restrictive above.
> Syntax for license field says that "an arbitrary short name may be 
> assigned" which I can only interpret to the following regex:
>    ^\w+$

Hmm, I may have interpreted too literally the 'other' specification ;-)

> Yes, standardized short names are encouraged, but not mandatory.
> Yet another challenge for your tool ;-)

Well, it depends on what you want. 

Just relaxing the restriction above is trivial. 

But if you want a warning while allowing unknown licenses, then yes, I'll have 
to perform more extensive modifications to Config::Model( and on its various  
user interfaces to display properly the warnings...)

Would such a warning be a great addition or should we just provide the license 
list in the doc ?

All the best

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