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DEP5 parser is available in Debians/Sid


Thanks to gregoa's sponsorship, the new parser for DEP5 is available in 
libconfig-model-perl 1.209.

To run it, use the command config-edit-dep5. 

For instance:
$ dh-make-perl --cpan Dancer
$ cd Dancer-1.1812/
$ config-edit-dep5 -ui none
$ sed -i 's/GPL/PGL/' debian/copyright 
$ config-edit-dep5 -ui none
Configuration item 'Debian::Dep5 License id' has a wrong value:
        Unexpected key 'PGL-1'. Key must match ^(?i:Apache|Artistic|BSD|

'-ui none' option is specified to skip user interfaces.

Feel free to send feedback to improve this parser.

All the best

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