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Re: Debian training and code review


Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org> writes:
> I'd love it to see it eventually go a step up, like having some review
> process by people with especially strong experience, and having them
> published by an own blog (à-la debian-administration) where they can be
> archived and searched. But that's just one of the many improvements the
> idea can start to collect once it starts happening.

    I guess that could be especially valueable for DDs becoming
interested in areas they have no experience in. If I start working on
e.g. python packaging and am not a DD/DM I'll get lots of review but
that would also be helpfull for DDs joining such a project -- getting
used to the specialied tools and sub-policies.

    But it's of course not limited to that. I guess I'd make use of such
a review posibility also in areas I eel rather comfortable.



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