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Re: DEP5: Making "Files: *" non-optional

On Mon, Sep 13 2010, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 08:59:34AM -0700, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>>On Mon, Sep 13 2010, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
>>> The current DEP5 draft says:
>>>  * **`Files`**
>>>    * Required for all but the first paragraph.
>>>      If omitted from the first paragraph,
>>>      this is equivalent to a value of '*'.
>>>    * Syntax: white space separated list
>>>    * List of patterns indicating files covered by the license
>>>      and copyright specified in this paragraph.  See "File patterns" below.
>>> Does anyone oppose if I remove the "If omitted..." sentence? I see no
>>> reason to make the format unnecessarily complicated by having it
>>> optional. In other words, I propose to make the "Files:" field mandatory
>>> in all paragraphs except the first (header) one, where it is not allowed
>>> at all.
>>        Currently, one only needs to list the copyrights in the package,
>> without specifying  which file each copyright applies to. How is that
>> specified in DEP5 format? Implying that all copyright notices apply to
>> all files would be an untruth.
> Is this question any different from what I responded to on August 13th?

        The question is not very different, but then, as now, the anser
 raised some concerns about spreading misinformation.

> Here is, I believe, an example of what you ask for:
> Copyright: 2009, John Doe
> License: GPL-2
>  Verbatim license from source bla bla with reference to common-licenses
> With Lars' proposal (and allowed now too, but not mandated) it would
> look like this:
> Files: *
> Copyright: 2009, John Doe
> License: GPL-2
>  Verbatim license from source bla bla with reference to common-licenses

        And if this copyright notice does not apply to all files, I
 think this is an incorrect statement. I would prefer that the format we
 are creating does not force me to incorrectly imply that the copyright
 notice applies to all files in the package.

>>        I would suggest that a missing files: field in the headers
>> implies that no statement is being made about which files the copyright
>> notice applies to, instead f  implying it applies to all files.
> Hmm.  Interesting indeed!
> Yes, this is actually one thing that I silently found relief in when
> the ability to drop the "Files: *" line for first (non-header) section
> was introduced: Until then I felt slightly awkward about stating that
> _all_ files had a certain license, when in fact I knew for sure that
> only some of them explicitly stated copyright and licensing.

        Or when I know for sure some  files specified a *different*
 copyright notice, but I do not want to keep track of which files these
 were, and keep the list updated.

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