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Re: Debian Facilitators

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 07:15:04PM -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
>   As discussed at DebConf, I'd like to renew the general idea of having
>   a group of individuals who are available to help groups in Debian (and
>   even outside, when they're communicating with Debian groups)
>   communicate more effectively with each other.
>   I don't believe forming of this group requires any particular
>   delegation from the DPL at this time, but as this concept grows and
>   becomes more defined, that may be appropriate.  As the DPL plays
>   this role some already, I do believe that the DPL will be involved
>   in the group (if to recommend individuals/groups request a DF, or to
>   hear from a DF what a particular discussion revolves around).

Hi Stephen, thanks for reporting about this on -project. Just a quick
comment of mine, since you evoked me :) One of the nice things of role
such as the "facilitator", and similar role such as the "mediator", is
that they are very light weight and doesn't need any specific power or

So I completely agree with the fact that, for now, there is no need on
any specific delegation. In fact, the first thing is probably to create
a group of volunteers interested in the role, advertise a contact point
for them, and start acting. In my experience that is the only way to
show off that the role is appreciated by the community and actually

Once that is settled, we can discuss if any further blessing is needed
(I personally think it won't be, but I'm available to be convinced

I wish you good luck for this initiative.

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