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Debian Facilitators

Greetings all,

  As discussed at DebConf, I'd like to renew the general idea of having
  a group of individuals who are available to help groups in Debian (and
  even outside, when they're communicating with Debian groups)
  communicate more effectively with each other.  A few different
  ideas/names/etc have been thrown around, many with connotations that I
  don't believe get across the right idea, so I've fallen back to a name
  that I'm familiar with from my work- a facilitator.

  The definition on Wikipedia matches the general concept and role of
  DFs (Debian Facilitators): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facilitator

  To paraphrase a bit from that article- a faciliator is a neutral party
  who can step in and help move a discussion, meeting, conference call,
  etc, along.  It's a role that I find myself playing quite a bit when
  working between clients and developers, or between developers and
  database admins, or between database admins and unix admins.  This
  group is not intended nor qualified to compete with the technical
  committee regarding rendering decisions of a technical nature, or even
  to render decisions for any particular Debian group.  The point of
  this group is to help others communicate, understand each other, and
  reach a concensus (if possible) or to provide guideance and/or
  direction (such as suggesting that a particular technical issue be
  referred to the technical committee).

  At DebConf there was some concensus amoung some random people that
  this was, notionally, a good idea (though not under this heading, so
  their views may have changed).  To help others understand, I would
  single out an individual who I believe already fulfill this role-
  Bdale.  I can use him because he's already said he hasn't got time to
  be part of this group. :)  He's a great example of someone who has
  played this exact role in the past (and probably will in the future,
  even if not formally :).

  And so, I'd like to open this idea up to discussion, in particular to
  those who were not part of the discussion at DebConf.  I don't believe
  forming of this group requires any particular delegation from the DPL
  at this time, but as this concept grows and becomes more defined, that
  may be appropriate.  As the DPL plays this role some already, I do
  believe that the DPL will be involved in the group (if to recommend
  individuals/groups request a DF, or to hear from a DF what a
  particular discussion revolves around).



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