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Re: Debian Facilitators


* MJ Ray (mjr@phonecoop.coop) wrote:
> I wrote many years ago that I support this concept for lists in
> particular
> http://mjr.towers.org.uk/blog/2006/debian.html#listmoderators
> but I think it could be applied to many other situations too.

Thanks for the link!  That looks very similar to what I'm going after
here, though takes it farther than I've proposed here so far..

> Are there particular aspects which would be useful to discuss here?

In particular, developing a code of conduct/community guideline that
encourages use of a facilitator to resolve conflicts, with a goal to
avoid needing to escalate to anything beyond that.  One of the issues
that came up at DebConf, and is discussed in your link above, is about
"list moderators" and preventing individuals from posting.  In the end,
I'm afraid that may be necessary, but feel it should be a last resort.

What I think would be great would be to have individuals appreciate and
respect that a moderator / intermediary / facilitator has been asked to
step in and just back off on-list and wait for that to happen (something
which I think would typically happen off-list, otherwise it'll likely
get interrupted and people will feel they aren't able to get their voice



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