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Re: Debian Facilitators

Stephen Frost wrote:
>   And so, I'd like to open this idea up to discussion, in particular to
>   those who were not part of the discussion at DebConf.  I don't believe
>   forming of this group requires any particular delegation from the DPL
>   at this time, but as this concept grows and becomes more defined, that
>   may be appropriate.  As the DPL plays this role some already, I do
>   believe that the DPL will be involved in the group (if to recommend
>   individuals/groups request a DF, or to hear from a DF what a
>   particular discussion revolves around).

I wrote many years ago that I support this concept for lists in
but I think it could be applied to many other situations too.

Are there particular aspects which would be useful to discuss here?

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