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Re: Talk at openSUSE conference - input needed

At mid-July 2009 a long (and heated, until August) discussion thread started at
debian-project list regarding release dates, freeze dates, cadence and
collaboration between Debian and Ubuntu.
Mr. Shuttleworth suggested modifying Debian dates in order to sync with Ubuntu LTS.
The long discussion resulted in a suggestion of feasible collaboration approach
from Debian
And then Ubuntu / Canonical started a task
that had achieved some advancements in coordination with Debian:


Work items:
kernel: DONE
[vorlon]python: DONE
[vorlon]gcc: DONE
perl: DONE
openoffice: DONE
[kitterman]boost: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.04-beta-1:
[bryceharrington] X: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.04-beta-2:
[doko] java: DONE

Status: Kernel=2.6.32, GCC=4.4, Python=2.6, OOo=3.2, Perl=5.10.1, Boost=1.40
(with the freeze delay, Debian looks like it’s going to 1.42, but it’s probably
not worth the pain of us doing another transition for Lucid), Mesa=7.7,
xserver=1.7, Java (IcedTea)=1.8

And Debian Project launched a new front desk:

Do we have a new status update at these efforts?

I hope these first efforts, that are being observed by other teams at both
sides, could result valuable enough to motivate other teams to participate, at
BOTH sides.

Maybe, OpenSuse community could join these same-upstream-version efforts.

At a win-win agreement, all involved benefit from.

Good luck for all.
Andre Felipe Machado

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