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Talk at openSUSE conference - input needed


 People following the debian-derivatives list[1] might have noticed that
the openSUSE people invited us to give a talk at their conference[2].
Our DPL asked me wether I would be interested in holding one because he
can't make it due to some other event he attends, so here I am.

 The conference motto is "Collaboration across Borders" - so it just
makes sense to a.) invite us to give a talk too, and b.) ask for that
explicitly on the derivatives mailing list. It would be great if you
could give me some input on:

 * where you see Debian's strength with respect to cross-distribution
 * what areas you are aware of that such collaborations already exist
 * what services/tools you know that help with such collaborations

 ... and potential everything else that evolves around those topics.
Things like the patch-tracker. Or the freedesktop-games efforts. Or
tools like whohas. But I'm confident there is much more.

 Feel free to send your input directly to me instead of the list, I'll
try to collect it and incorporate it into the talk as good as possible.

 Thanks in advance!

[1] <http://lists.debian.org/debian-derivatives/>
[2] <http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Conference>
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