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Re: debian-private declassification team (looking for one)

On Fri, 25 Jun 2010, Frans Pop wrote:
> I would welcome a new GR to rescind the previous one and revert
> d-private to what it's always been: private. That way we can stop
> worrying about the whole issue and we will no longer run the risk of
> making things public that their authors do not want to be made
> public.

My own opinion is that we've done this backwards, and that everything
on -private modulo vacation messages and posts explicitely marked with
a header indicating that they shouldn't be declassified should be
declassified automatically after three years.

Unfortunatly, a large majority[1] of the messages to -private
shouldn't be private in the first place, or they only need to be
embargoed for a short period of time. [I think I've sent more messages
to people requesting that they not continue non-private (or just plain
useless) threads in -private than I've read messages which were
actually useful and contained information that needed to be on

Don Armstrong

1: Ignoring VAC messages, of course.
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.     
 -- Robert Heinlein

http://www.donarmstrong.com              http://rzlab.ucr.edu

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