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vmlinuz / vmlinuz.old

To whom it may concern , good morning !
Most likely you  have never come across the "Hausordnung" of a regular  railway  station.Should you  ever  want to  see  a similar kind of  administrational  accomplishment,you only have to look at your own
regulations in particular or ubuntu-regulations in general. - Everything is very well regulated - even questioning,e.g. if someone wants to ask a question,one is  expected to check a zillion of contributions ,to find out,if this very question has not been asked ,hence,answered  before. - Congratulations - This is brilliant,however,I am afraid,that by the time,I have made it through all contributions,my hair will have grown white  or I will have forgotten  my name,if not my question,too.
But - since I was born to decent parents,I have also inherited some of their decency.And in order for you to realize this personal quality of mine I hereby want to ask you as humble as I can be :  to whom could I direct a question,which refers to "vmlinuz"/"vmlinuz.old" ?
With regards - and thanks for your attention - DR. BROONSKII .

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