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Re: Invite to join the Release Team

On Sunday 14 March 2010, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> * Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> [2010-03-14 16:09:34 CET]:
> > [1] I think release management for (old)stable is being handled quite
> > well ATM.
>  While this might be true and valid for stable, I am not too convinced
> that the last point release of oldstable from April 8th of last year is
> too much for being called handled quite well. I'm not interested in
> throwing mud around, I just want to get some things straight here.

Oh, I have had big problems with how a number of point releases have been 
handled in the pastas well. It was one of the main topics in my talk 
(rant?) about improving RM during Fosdem last year.
And almost a year is certainly too long between point releases, even for 

But I am quite happy with the way the last two stable point releases were 
handled. What's mainly been improved is that the stable release manager is 
really keeping track of ToDo items and has contacted me on his own 
initiative to discuss D-I items for the release announcement. There are 
probably still a few things that could be improved further (website 
updates?), but it's a refreshing breath compared to what it was.

Kudos to Adam.

I'm confident we'll have a good (final) point release for Etch very soon 


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