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Re: Using project resources for blends and non-free

Hi Jonas,

On Montag, 11. Januar 2010, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Debian-edu (a.k.a. Skolelinux) is a Debian subproject _and_ an external
> project. 

Because of what? Because we release stuff not in the corresponding stable 
release? We dont have anything (anymore) not in unstable...

> A goal is to only use official Debian packages but AFAIK they 
> are only almost there yet.
> In other words: Debian-edu use non-ftpmaster-verified stuff.

Which afaik is also true for volatile... afaik volatile has different 
ftpmasters then Debian main/contrib/non-free. just like Debian edu :-) 

(Which currently has its own dak instance and which I'd like to move to 

> And in case this email could be misunderstood as me grumpy at 
> Debian-edu: I am not at all grumpy at Debian-edu. :-)

Great! Still I dont understand why you are saying that Debian Edu is also an 
external project... or what do you mean by that.. 

Would you also say that Emdebian is also an internal and external project? And 
if so, why? What would you want to express with that?


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