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Re: let's add news.debian.net to planet.d.o (!?)

> Note that Ubuntu has a planet-like service called the Fridge which
> aggregates several non-personal blogs (AIUI), maybe Debian could do the
> same (under a different title), and aggregate the non-personal blogs
> currently on Planet Debian (AFAIK, loldebian, Debconf, DSA, now Debian
> News) and possibly others (e.g. somebody could volunteer to write a
> one-paragraph summary of every d-d-a post which gets syndicated along
> with the link to the full post on the new service)

Well, if we want this it would actually be pretty easy to do in the
current planet framework. Would just turn out as another planet then,
like the language ones.

bye, Joerg
>From a NM after doing the license stuff:
I am glad that I am not a lawyer!  What a miserable way to earn a living.

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