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Re: let's add news.debian.net to planet.d.o (!?)


On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 09:07:04AM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Since a while now, Ana has been doing a great job in providing the
> news.debian.net service [1]. 

Ack, though personally, I see two things (unrelated to the discussion at
hand) which Ana might want to consider:

1. Some (informal) posts are quoted too much in direct speech; I think
it would be better to rewrite them editorially like e.g. LWN does.

2. I think the list of new packages is not very useful due to volume; I
think it would make sense to trim down the list to only important
packages and/or combine similar packages (different -plugins for the
same base package for example) to one.  However, the really important
uploads are covered elsewhere anyway, so I just ignore those posts for

> I personally find it a very useful service in "blog news" style: it
> provides useful bit of information, it goes straight to the point, and
> does not post too often (once/twice a week usually).
> I have been recently wondering [2] why that feed is not on Planet. Ana
> would be glad to be there, but she has the impression that Planet
> policy forbids non-individual feds to be there. I've been checking the
> current guidelines which in fact _implicitly_ refers to individual
> blogs.
> Given how useful the service is, and given that it does fulfill the
> purpose of planet (most of the news are community-oriented news), can
> we have it added to Planet?

Note that Ubuntu has a planet-like service called the Fridge which
aggregates several non-personal blogs (AIUI), maybe Debian could do the
same (under a different title), and aggregate the non-personal blogs
currently on Planet Debian (AFAIK, loldebian, Debconf, DSA, now Debian
News) and possibly others (e.g. somebody could volunteer to write a
one-paragraph summary of every d-d-a post which gets syndicated along
with the link to the full post on the new service)

I am fine with having Debian News on Planet, I think it is very
worthwhile addition (considering loldebian is already on there).


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