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Re: Info request about Debian

On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 1:34 PM, Kasuladevi <kasuladevi.ms@gmail.com> wrote:

> Leave alone support for obsolete releases of Debian, does this mean a
> person using these obsolete releases doesn't have access to atleast
> their respective obsolete repositories for any older packages he might
> want to install now?

The old versions of Debian are still available here:


You can even search their packages here:


> If yes, I might conclude that users of older versions are compelled to
> shift to newer releases. Is that correct ?

"strongly encouraged" would be a more appropriate word than
"compelled". Nothing prevents you from keeping the old version
installed and using it if you need to. There will be no updates at
all, security or otherwise. If you cannot upgrade and thus need a
longer security support cycle with Debian, you could engage the
services of Debian consultants in your area:




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