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Re: Debian money

Sune Vuorela wrote:
> On 2009-09-09, Steve McIntyre <leader@debian.org> wrote:
>>  1 New hardware / equipment
>>    a The DSA team have a wishlist of new hardware they'd like, along
>>      with a set of donated machines that need configuring and/or
>>      shipping. As far as I'm concerned, so long as the individual
>>      requests here look reasonable then they get approved as and when
>>      they happen.
>>    b Maintainers of big packages might benefit a lot if we can
>>      loan/donate big machines to them to make things faster. Should
>>      be an easy thing to work out - nominate such people please!
> Yep. Both of them is interesting.
> I would personally like to be able to rebuild kde in half the time I
> currently spend on it.

Maybe we should think about the combination too: a very fast development
box (or cluster) for Debian contributors?



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