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Re: Switching the default startup method

Steve Langasek wrote:
>> We should definitly continue to support oldstyle booting, at least for
>> the time being.
> Why?
> So far, the only bugs that have been highlighted in this thread appear to be
> bugs that happen when trying to remove insserv.  If there aren't any
> problems with the new system, why do we need to support downgrading?

There are problems with the new system:
- it breaks other boot systems like file-rc.
- it was never properly discussed and accepted before. If we switch to a
dependency based boot system, why to this mess from SuSE called insserv? Why
don't I have the choice to stay with the old sys-rc way, as this is clearly what
I want to have as it just works and is plain easy to debug?

>> So you are telling us here that anyone who depends on the 20+ years
>> working method of ordering boot with decimal numbers is using a
>> regression? Sorry, but this is just plainly wrong.
> Not really.  There are longstanding bugs with the sysv-rc approach that are
> never going to be fixed except by migrating to a new system designed with
> these problems in mind.
> The fact that symlinks have to be changed by hand whenever one daemon gains
> a dependency on another, possibly in cascading fashion, is one such bug.

That's indeed an issue, but one which was never a big problem to handle. So
which other issues do you see with sys-rc?

> I have seen that insserv does still have some rough patches at the moment,
> and I think these are documented in the BTS and I have every confidence that
> they will be addressed.  But I think "insserv doesn't permit removal" is the
> least important of these.


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