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Re: On cadence and collaboration

On Wed, Aug 12 2009, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Manoj Srivastava dijo [Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 10:08:13AM -0500]:
>>         Based on Debian's last two releases, I think we have a 22  month
>>  release cycle going; stretching it to 24 years is not a big
>>  deal. Speaking for myself, I think have a predictable freeze date,
>>  every two years, is a good thing. 
> Umm... But the time from freeze until release is so far not
> predictable at all. Etch was way swifter than Lenny (or FFS than
> Sarge). They were all intended to be frozen for much less time than
> they ended up being. So… Freezing every 24 months (I won't even make a
> pun on your 24 years) can push us over the edge. Yes, I understand
> that this means the 24 months include the freeze time for the previous
> release. Still.

        In the time line below, I am considering freeze of the toolchain
 and base (d-i) as the start of the freeze, since we have not yet done
 that for Squeeze). These are culled from the d-d-a archive, looking for
 the mail announcing thte tool chain freeze.

 sarge:   2004/08 - 2005/06 (10) (freeze in stages)
 etch:    2006/08 - 2007/04 (5) 24 months between freezes, 22 for release
 lenny:   2008/07 - 2009/02 (7) 21 months between freezes, 22 for release
 squeeze: 2010/?? -

        This is different from the time line AJ posted, since I am
 counting from the time we froze toolchain/base packages, since as far
 as I know the tool chain freeze date has not been announced.

        So it seems to me that we have pretty much stable interfreeze
 and ihnter-release cycles, and which is why I think we can manage to
 sustain 2 year release cycles.

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