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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Hi Mark,

thanks for the time you spended on this mail to improve cooperation.
I'm currently under time pressure - so I pick only a few points. in
my answer.  Please assume general agreement to your reasoning about
the needs of cooperation.

On Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 10:21:38AM +0100, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> As I've said elsewhere, Ubuntu would be happy to reach a compromise if
> needed to work with Debian and others. I think there's agreement on a
> two year cadence, and if needed we can change one of our cycles to help
> bring multiple distributions into line. Alternatively, with Debian
> specifically, we can contribute resources to help Debian meet a stretch
> (or squeeze ;-)) goal. From my perspective, committing Canonical
> employees to help Debian freeze in December, or stretching our one cycle
> to get us both onto a two year cadence, are roughly the same. It would
> be unreasonable to expect us to do BOTH of those, but I'm happy to work
> one either basis.

Thanks for this!

> create divide and disharmony. I stayed away from DebConf this year - the
> first time in six years - because I didn't want to be a flashpoint for
> division,

Ups, the reason for you to stay away to not be a flashpoint makes me
somehow sick.  I was wondering about your reasons - it's a shame if
this would be the main point.

> To achieve anything together, we'll both need to work together, we'll
> need to make compromises or we'll need to contribute effort to the other
> side. If the Debian community is willing to consider a December freeze,
> then Ubuntu (and Canonical) will commit resources to help Debian meet
> that goal. It means we'll get less done in Ubuntu, but the benefits of
> having a schedule which could attract many other distributions would
> outweigh that.

I really really agree here.  My position was always that the diff
between Debian and Ubuntu should be as small a possible and IMHO this
is a great step in this direction (and I think I'm speaking here more
in the interest of Ubuntu than in the interest of Debian - at least
this is my personal view on the issue).

Thanks for your extensive mail.  I read some frustration out of it
and I hope that only a minority in Debian will give reasons to become

Hope to see you at any other event (but did not made up my mind about
DebConf 10)


Klarmachen zum Ändern!

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