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Re: The Python mess in Debian

Philipp Kern wrote:
 > I think there were at least two things (I think not check them, but from memory
> what Matthias told me):
>  * python-support breaks upstream assumptions about relative imports.
>  * python-support does not always have stable symlink handling, i.e. they
>    should maybe be shipped by the package instead.  (I'm relatively unsure
>    about this though, as I don't recall the program; but I think it also
>    has to do with the fact that you sometimes need to call update-python-
>    modules from maintainer script.)
> It might be true however that most of the issues he has left did not manifest
> themselves in bug reports, probably because the personal relationship of the
> two maintainers misses some trust and needs a neutral party to communicate it.

I'm more than happy to be the neutral party and will file and handle bug reports
in the name of both of them if that will bring things forward.

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