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Re: On syncing freeze dates with other distributions

Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

> I reached out to RHEL last year to see if they are interested in
> adopting a predictable cycle of releases, and collaborating around them.
> They did not respond to the email. I've heard it said informally that
> they will "never" do that. In fact, I think RHEL could be persuaded to
> join such a movement, but only if we have won over almost everyone else
> first! That's why I've tried to include Novell in the discussion (they
> are more interested, but still not takers to the idea).

Did you give fedora a try? I could imagine they're much more open to such

> Agreeing an approach between Debian and Ubuntu would be a very
> significant first step. I believe we could then bring in many of the
> smaller distributions, followed by Novell, and ultimately Red Hat too.

As long as it is ensured that Ubuntu *AND* Debian profit from it, it would be
good to have. Unfortunately various Ubuntu-related things had imho a pretty bad
influence on Debian (I'm saving the time to repeat them here, there are enough
mails from various people from the last days stating the problems), so it is not
easy to convince me.

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