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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes

[Sandro Tosi, 2009-08-03]
> Hey, but we give back (patches, improvements, bug reports) to upstreams :)

IIRC, I never used a patch from Ubuntu (let's be honest: their patches
are usually not that good, at least the ones for packages in universe,
see latest python2.6 transition for examples), but if you'll encourage
them, they give something else - much more important IMHO - maintainers
(manpower ;). I hang on #ubuntu-motu channel (with "python" highlighted
by Irssi) and from time to time, I respond to Python related problems
and if one is happy with my help, I add "you'll get more comments/help
if you'll join one of our teams and maintain your package in Ubuntu via
Debian" (i.e. I steal maintainers ;) and this way people like Scott,
Emilio, Luca or Siegfried (+many others) maintain dozens of packages
in Debian and know much more about packaging Python related stuff than
many other DDs.

My point is:
* patches and bug reports are not the only way to contribute back
* it is also up to us if we'll get some help or not (if you'll
  just complain, nobody will want to work with you)
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