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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes

Steve Langasek wrote:

> There seems to be an assumption here that Ubuntu would benefit from bugfixes
> from Debian developers, but that the reverse would not be true.  Is this
> what you believe?  Does that mean you don't think Ubuntu developers
> contribute fixes back to Debian today?
> While never committing to keep any given package in sync with Debian, Ubuntu
> developers certainly are actively engaged in pushing their changes upstream
> to Debian.

Oh, really? Within the last year I looked at about 20-30 bugfixes/changes which
were made in Ubuntu. Here are some statistics (no, I didn't properly count them):

3 of them were reported back to Debian (yay!) - and they were really useful.
About 5-10 changes were utter bullshit, like disabling regression tests instead
of fixing the real problem when they start failing due to other changes in the
All the others I had to pull from launchpad...

Often there were .ubuntu versions introduced, although it would have been easy
for the person (DD, member of the right teams) to change these things in Debian
and let it migrate to Ubuntu.

I rarely hear anything positive from Ubuntu, except that more and more people
who are active in Ubuntu realized that it is much better to do things in Debian

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