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Re: Debian redesign

Hello all,

I have read through all your comments, and it appeared that there's a big misunderstanding here concerning the illustrations. Since some of you didn't attend my talk, I'll clarify a few things now:

1. Logo

The current swirl has many details that make it hard to print on smaller media and even vectors would not solve the problem. The current font is non-free and would rather fit advertise a box of cigarettes than a software project.

The swirl-i-dot for the new logo was inspired by the Genie-Lamp, with a simplified swirl to keep the recognition factor. Since a swirl is quite common in logos, I had to put it in a context with the font, so that it is seen as a whole. The font was chosen to point out a solidness, stability and timelessness to the project. Please note, that the swirl is only fixed to the word "debian", its position can be changed with words like "debconf" easily.

2. Web site

My slides just show a fictional sample of the layout. The content is a different chapter, which needs to be discussed in order to usability issues. amount of texts etc... I'll be working with Kalle on that one.

3. Illustrations

Keep in mind that the illustrations do not show "Debian people". For example, Illustration #3 (The one with the guy in the office) shows an ordinary worker, who's just glad that his boss installed Debian to do his work, so he can concentrate on other things. ;) If any boss or worker would see those illustrations, both would understand the metaphoric/symbolic message. Same applies to the other illustrations, they show situations or emotions around/about Debian, rather than showing the people behind it, except the illustration #6 with the bug fixing, which is based on the history of the term "bug" itself (I don't have to mention Wikipedia here, do I?). Remember, a campaign does not target people from the inside, it is made for an audience. To find the right way to express a message, you have to see things with their point of view, not just use your own perception. You can't look into people's heads, but with some research, you'll be able to point out larger tendencies.

4. Usage

The corporate identity and the campaign are related to one project, but should be treated separately . Both would be used in two different contexts, one is the look and feel, the other would be the advertising.

I am not going to subscribe on this list, if you have any further questions, mail me directly or catch me on IRC. :)


.: it's been a long way /home, baby! :.

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