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Re: Debian redesign

At Sat, 1 Aug 2009 12:22:29 +0200, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Because the current website is *all but impossible to navigate*,
> lacking many of the signposts that users rely on to find their way.
> On the current Debian website, we have the following sidebar:
>   Getting Debian
>     CD vendors
>     CD ISO images
>     Network install
>     Pre-installed
> None of these includes the key word "download".  We should not make
> users think this hard in order to figure out how to download Debian -
> that's entirely the wrong kind of elitism!

Replacing "Getting Debian" with "download" means to drop "CD vendors"
and "Pre-installed". Where have they gone? Will have have to click
"download" to be informed about vendors of Debian CDs? The current
menu entry reflects the fact that there are various ways to get Debian.
These many ways can be confusing, but you sure don't want to drop any of
these. A better tutorial text behind "Getting Debian" would be an
improvement, though.

I won't agree that the Debian web site is "*all but impossible to
navigate*" (after all it is better than many comercial sites), but I
agree that many parts of it could do with a better structure. But this
is where to start, design must follow.

"Getting Debian" is "elitism" because it lacks the "signposts" and "key
words"? You must be kidding. What kind of hard thinking is required to
understand "Getting Debian". What do you think of users (not only
Debian users)? Do you really have to trigger them with signposts and
keywords because they don't understand "Getting Debian"?


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