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Re: Debian redesign


On Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> > One that will make a statement that women in Debian should always wear
> > deep cleavages, and men in Debian have sex with their laptops.
> > Nice...
> IMHO you're seriously overreacting here. 

IMO you are.

> The posters as I see them do 
> not "make the statements" that you read into them, that is entirely your
> interpretation of them.

You are aware that this can be said exactly about what you see in them, are 

Marga also wrote the following, which I assume you consider invalid, as it 
doesnt follow your logic. Anyway, it is reality:

> > I'm sorry, but I really can't accept this.  It's not that "some people 
> > might get offended", it's that some people ALREADY feel uncomfortable
> > about the message being sent."  

And this is with a low number of people having seen them. 

And yes, those pics also made me role my eyes and say no way. And certainly 
not because I dont like (semi)naked people or whatever - but because I dont 
like stereotypes, and especially not to represent an universal OS.


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