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Re: Debian redesign

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:

> I do not think that we could risk as a small non-commercial
> project (compared to the given examples) that our logo we advertised
> for a "not so long" timespan becomes outdated and our users might
> become unhappy about "outdated" T-Shirts etc.

Gives one a good reason to buy new T-Shirts.

I seriously doubt users overall will be unhappy about "outdated"
T-Shirts. They will welcome the variety. Gives them something new to

> Makes no sense at all and I do not see the slightest advantage
> for the project.

One argument raised for the simplified swirl was that it would scale
better. More recognisable as our logo in smaller sizes and easier to

Not sure I agree with that but I have never printed swirl buttons
or the like either.


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