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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes

On 2009-07-29 10:11 (-0500), Peter Samuelson wrote:

> I believe freezing four months before an Ubuntu LTS release would not
> benefit Debian at all. Freezing _after_ an LTS release, or at least
> after an LTS freeze, would help Debian quite a lot more.

I believe the same. Mark Shuttleworth said something along the lines of
"there's no pressure to agree on everything but a common meta-cycle is
useful base for discussion" [1]. I kind of agree but the thing is that
it's a huge gain for Ubuntu's stability even if Debian and Ubuntu
developers don't agree on _anything_. Ubuntu still gets a frozen and
fairly stable system to build their LTS release from. Ubuntu will
probably release newer versions of major packages anyway so they are
(partly) focusing on different bugs. They won't focus on Debian's RC
bugs. So what are the real benefits for Debian?

1.  http://derstandard.at/fs/1246541995003/Interview-Shuttleworth-about-GNOME-30---Whats-good-whats-missing-what-needs-work

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