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Re: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes

On Wed, Jul 29 2009, Luk Claes wrote:

> Who would you like to propose a release cycle to the project if not
> the Release Team?

        A proposal would have been absolutely appropriate, with
 discussions by various teams as to the best time to freeze.

> To be clear the Release Team cannot just decide what the release cycle
> will be, though we proposed a plan in the team's keynote at DebConf
> and the plan was welcomed by the audience. There were some important
> considerations though.

        The audience for the talk was what fraction of the developer set?

> We do not plan to do a yearly release, we plan to have a release about
> every 2 years while having a one time exception for next release by
> freezing this December.

        Why? There are development plans underway by folks (and yes, I
 am one of them) where packages will be polished for release about a
 year from now -- and the short release cycle throws a monkey wrench
 into the works.

        Why was this not discussed before hand? Are we so beholden to
 canonical that we must slave our releases to their LTS? I thought they
 borrowed our code, not the other way around.

> The main reason is that the Release Team hopes to now have the
> momentum to make a time based freeze work. If we would delay, it will
> very probably mean that many developers 'forget' about what the time
> based freeze is about.

        If you want to get the developers behind your release schedule,
 keeping us in the loop is a better idea. As such, it seems to me you
 think that treating developers like mushrooms will have no impact on
 your precious release schedule.  I think you might find that the
 release team can't make releases on its own.

> The developers have had the opportunity and still have the opportunity
> to get stuff done before the release. It's true that developers should
> probably consider to already be careful about what to upload, but
> there is still opportunity to do changes till the freeze.

        I see no reason for developers kept out in the cod to do so;
 really.  While the release team might be constitutionally delegated to
 decide when to release on a whim, the developers are also
 constitutionally protected from having to do something they do not want

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