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Re: so ... let's merge DAM and FD?

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
Don't you think that there's some sense in listening to what Emilio
says, whithout immediately minimizing his arguments, since he has
already been at least 4 times more useful to Debian than you were during
the last 8 years?

- Lucas

I did listen. That is why it was obvious to me that he was
promoting having less eyes review an application. By your
metric, he is "at least 4 times more useful to Debian" but I
can choose my own metric. I think quality is more important
than quantity (in most instances).

If your argument for quantity was the standard, Sven Luther
would be honored for all his contributions to our mailing lists.
In 2001 I was in the NM queue with Eray and it taught me that
at times it is best to mind your own little contribution without
pushing to correct the 'flaws in the system.' From the perspective
of a person more concerned about their own contributions, it was
logically significant that "Lack of people vociferously objecting does
not imply consent." It may be useless by your standards, but I will
now go back to my silent contribution mode.


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