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Re: DAM and NEW queues processing

Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
Kęstutis Biliūnas wrote:
Say the truth to each loser would be more honestly, I think.

One such unfortunate,

So you think you are a loser? I don't think so. What I know from your AM is that
your progress towards becoming DD and knowing all the things a DD needs to know
is a slow but steady one. Your AM is happy with that, so I can't see a problem here.

I think he just put it in simplistic terms. I do not think he is a loser. I
think he raises a very valid point.  We need a way to _gently_ reject
candidates that avoids all the negative connotations.  Many of these
people jump through hoops to contribute to our project.  We should
show appreciation that they want to make Debian better.  But it is a
fact of life that NOT everyone will fit in to the Debian project.  Some
people will produce more problems than accomplishments.  It is a
honor to work with my fellow developers.  We all stand on the shoulders
of giants.  The NM process has some problems but we can solve them
in a way that shows respect for everyone who shares our goal to make
Debian better.


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