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Re: DAM queues processing

Hi all,

This is how I see the process right now, from the applicant's POV:

- Applicant applies
- DD advocates
- AM assigned
- Work with the AM (P&P, T&S and whatever is needed)
- AM sends report
- FD checks the application
- DAM reviews the application
- DAM creates the account
- Key added to the keyring
- Shell access to developer machines

This is in the case the applicant is accepted everywhere and becomes a DD, of

So as I see it, wait[1234] are the bigger waiting periods, and reducing them
won't decrease the NM process quality (as some people complained if the number
of questions was reduced).

- Reducing wait1 is complicated. Some possibilities for accelerating this are:
  + Recruiting more AMs
  + Reducing the time an AM spends with the applicant. Many people dislike
    this if it means less questions, so probably not a good idea.
  + Requiring applicants to apply late rather than soon...

- wait2/3 could be merged by removing the duplicate work of both FD and DAM
  reviewing applications. Only one body should do it (e.g. DAM, and if wanted
  FD members joining it). That will remove wait2, and if more people joins
  DAM, reduce wait3.

- I don't know why there is wait4. I guess it's because DAM members process
  people in batches, but IMHO if you have already reviewed an application and
  accepted it, the account should be immediately created? Is there a (good)
  reason for this delay?

- I have no idea whether the keyring and machine access stuff take another big

What do people think?

Best regards,

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