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Re: Who uses @packages.d.o mail?

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On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 10:30:03PM +0100, Stephen Gran wrote:
>So I've looked through a few weeks of mail logs to packages.debian.org, 
>and it looks like it collects some useful mail from automated scripts 
>on various debian.org machines (primarily ries), and about 1000 spams a 
>day from elsewhere.  I haven't done an exhaustive survey, but it seems 
>pretty clear so far that the domain does not get any significant amount 
>of legitimate mail from machines other than the debian.org hosts.
>If this is actually the case, I'd like to close the domain down to only 
>accept mail from other debian.org machines.  If it's not, I'd like to 
>work with people who do use it to either make it possible to send their 
>mail from debian.org machines or from a short whitelist of machines 
>elsewhere. If this isn't possible, we'll of course continue to offer it 
>as a public service if it's needed.  It's just that if it doesn't need 
>to be a public facing mail domain, we all get a little less spam in our 
>inbox, and the service becomes easier to administer.
>In the large scheme of things, of course, 1000 spams a day is pretty 
>minimal.  The amount of processing power that goes into turning away 
>the other 60000 mails/day and then resending the 1000 spams that do get 
>through, though, does approach significance, and I'd like to make it 
>simple to admin and more friendly to the final recipients.

Whenever users contact me privately regarding a package, I encourage 
them to instead target the package email address, so that fellow 
maintainers of team-maintained packages receive them as well.

I am not against dropping/limiting the package email addresses, just 
saying that in addition to the concrete amount of mail it might also be 
relevant to take into account the expectation of such account existing, 
even if used less frequently.  And the convenience of telling users to 
simply _email_ the package, instead of explaining them how to _find_ the 
email address from packaging metadata.

Kind regards,

  - Jonas


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